Raj Panda


Hi, I am Raj Panda. I am a Sydney based self-taught artist working in acrylic medium. I was born in India in 1984. I moved to Australia in 2007 and having been living here ever since.

I dabbled in art as a kid but academics got in the way so I shifted focus. I reconnected with art in 2012 when I was battling depression. Art has helped me discover my true self. I feel alive when I am creating art. It is the best form of expression for me. It’s my voice and my passion.

My artworks are usually an expression of  the things I extract from pop culture, history, news, environment, literature and comics. My works are varied, ranging from surreal to still-life to portraiture, and are generally very colourful. I like to infuse cheeky humour into some of my works. I am still growing as an artist and having the time of my life doing so!